Ben Shult

Ben Shult


Getting to know Ben…

Ben is a super fun guy! When people meet Ben, the first thing they say is “wow, he is an extremely capable and dedicated Realtor!” but the second thing they say is “and he is just so much gosh darn fun to be around!”

Ben is an extremely modern and youthful man with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, with two school-age children, Lucy and Owen, who keep him thoroughly hep to the latest trends and tech developments. He is nonetheless a Realtor with scads of experience, too. This allows him to know just how to handle anything that might come up in your transaction, no matter how uncommon. He has pulled off some nearmiracles, let me tell you, and saved plenty of bacon from the fire. (He’s a lifelong Midwesterner, they say stuff like that!)

Ben has been President of the Rock-Green Realtor Association, and voted the Association’s “Realtor of the Year.” He loves meeting new people, is known for his strong communication, a sharp eye for detail,
devotion to customer service, and his passion for helping people accomplish their goals. “It’s a privilege to be able to have a job where you can really help people live their best life,” Ben is fond of saying.

When not zipping around Southern Wisconsin showing homes, advising clients, or hard at work on paperwork or problem-solving, Ben has a number of interests and hobbies that also inspire him. Above all, he loves nothing more than spending time with his wife Jennifer, kids Lucy and Owen, cats Joe and Petey, extended family, and friends. Grilling on the deck on a Wisconsin summer day is the best!

Also great in Wisconsin and everywhere, in Ben’s view, is hiking, camping, and outdoor activity. He’s a member of the Ice Age Trail coalition and has camped or hiked in more than 20 national parks. He
has a tent that weighs just 7 ounces. That’s ridiculous! Peak experience: face to face with a bear, twice, in Yosemite National Park.

Another passion for Ben in his spare time is listening to and playing music. He supports music education causes in our schools and local live music. In his youth, he once toured in Europe with a blues band, and is super excited that his son plays the piano, and looks forward to someday being in a father-son band together!

Ben is also super excited to be a part of the Realty Executives Premier family! It’s a great bunch of team-minded, enthusiastic, helpful and fun people who really know their stuff. Ben’s been on board here since 2005, because they are the best! When you work with any one of us, you have the whole team behind you too!

Real estate is a business, yes, and excellence in getting the job done is the top priority. But real estate is also life, family, dreams. It’s the fabric of life that matters most, and Ben is so glad to be able to help you preserve and protect what’s important to you!

Thanks for reading my… I mean, BEN’S story!

Have a great day, and make the most of it!